We know finding a good pet-care professional is hard. We work to open you to more options.

No matter you are a new pet owner or not, you always want to find the best pet-care professional for your furry buddy.

We are happy to help by sourcing local pet-care professionals. You can compare and review their profiles before choosing the most trustworthy one. Tell us about your need and get free, non-obligatory quotes.

Services at FurrySitter

dog walking

Dog walking

Walking your dog can benefit the dog’s health by providing them sufficient exercise and social time while exploring the outside world. Depends on your dog’s temperament, activity level and preference, you can find pet-care professionals on FurrySitter who fit your budget and needs. You can either join a quality 1-on-1 walk or go with pet sitters’ dog if your dog loves to meet others.

drop in visit

Drop-in Visit

If your cat is shy and does not enjoy playtime, having someone drop by your home when you travel for a few days can be a budget choice. You can look for a pet-care professional to feed them and clean the litter box. Most pet-care professionals offer a 15 to 30-minute visit. However, they are happy to adjust their visit time if you have more cats or additional cat-care requests.

overnight care

Overnight care

Letting your pet have overnight care is preferrable if budget allows it. Your furry buddy can either stay in the comfort of your home or the pet sitter’s home, depending on your furry buddy’s preference. You can also look for a pet-care professionals who provide add-on services like nail trimming, grooming or haircut. State it on your request and the pet-care professional will include the price in your quote.