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Black pug is walking on the street.

Get extra paid for your pet-care expertise

FurrySitter is a pet-care platform with a network of pet-care professionals serving customers in the Lower Mainland. By joining our platform, you will access a wider group of customers and make extra money according to your schedule.

Your profile will be set up once enrolled in our pet-care platform. It will include your background, service pricing, ex-customers credentials and what your pet sitting area looks like if you are a pet boarding home. When you receive any new booking, we will email you within 1 working day for booking and price confirmation.

Why FurrySitter?

On top of earning extra money, you have many other reasons urging you to join FurrySitter.

We will do the groundwork for you

When you bother about collecting all details every time you deal with a new customer, we are happy to do the groundwork for you! We will collect the background information from customers and other feedback from the platform to help you better with the preparation for each job.

No hassles in receiving payments

We will help by collecting payments from your customers before your pet-care services. Your pay will be deposited into your bank account regularly. No more worries about forgetting to bill your customers.

Treasure your feedback as always

Pet-care professionals are essential to our platform. Therefore, we will ask for your feedback from time to time and after each booking. We hope to help you better with your pet-care business by focusing more on your expertise.

How to join?

If you possess valid pet-care, dog training or pet first aid certificates, or if you are/ were a vet assistant, follow the simple steps below to join us.


Online registration

Fill in our registration form and agree with the terms and conditions. We will email to follow up with the next steps.


Background checks

Provide documents for qualifications and background checks. You have to be 18 or older, have a valid pet-care certificate or qualification and a clear background check.


Profile setup

We understand you would like to have a unique profile to stand out. We will email you the details after clearing your background check.

Ready to join us?

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