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10 tips for an enjoyable dog walking experience

Pug walking happily on the street

10 tips for an enjoyable dog walking experience

Walking your dog regularly is not only beneficial for your dog’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. It is also a great way to prevent home destruction and attention-seeking behaviour. Discover some essential tips to make every dog walk a quality bonding time!

Pug walking happily on the street

Aim for 30 minutes of walking everyday

Ensure you and your dog gets the exercise you need! For most adult dogs, they need at least a 30-minute walk every day. But you will need to adjust the duration based on your dog’s age, activity level and size. Older dogs may only require a shorter walk, while energetic larger breeds may need a longer stride.

Get a suitable collar or harness

Find a collar or harness that fit just right for your dog. A collar or harness that is too tight might cause discomfort; while a loose one can put them at risk of slipping free. If you can fit two fingers between the collar/ harness and your dog’s neck or body, you have found the perfect match.

Mastering a good control with your leash

Keep your dog close while allowing them to walk naturally. For traditional leashes, wrap it around your hand, maintain a small distance between you and your dog. Let them know that pulling or leading the way is not acceptable behaviour. If your dog tends to pull, avoid redactable leashes.

Stay alert during your strolls

As a responsible dog parent, it is essential to be vigilant during your walks. Observe your dog’s reactions to other dogs, people and vehicles. Redirect their attention when necessary to prevent overreactions and ensure a safe and enjoyable outing for both of you.

Smiling dog

Bring all essentials: Water, treats and poop bags

Carry enough water to keep both you and your dog hydrated, especially on hot days. Reward your dog’s good behaviour with their favorite treats. And of course, be a responsible dog parent by having enough poop bags on hand to avoid awkward situations.

Watch out for insecticides on grassy areas

While your dog might enjoy frolicking on grass, be cautious during spring and summer. Prevent them from licking or eating grasses during walks, especially in areas where harmful pesticide application is likely. After each walk, wipe your dog’s paws and fur with a damped towel to remove any potential residue.

Speak to your dog on the go

It sounds stupid, but I guess you and your dog love it. Dogs understand our tone. Use a cheerful and encouraging voice to reinforce good behaviour and a firm voice to discourage unwanted behaviours.

Hot days. Cool walks

Plan your dog walks during the early morning or evening hours on scorching summer days. Avoid paved surfaces that can burn your dog’s sensitive paws. If you heading out for m extended outing, like hiking, take breaks in shady spots to prevent overheating.

Make cold weather walks cozy

In colder climates, schedule your walks for the warmest part of the day. Rainy days are inevitable in this rain city. Equip your dog with a comfortable poncho if they dislike getting wet. You can also prepare a dry towel at home to dry your dog after each walk.

Additional preparation for hiring a dog walker

We understand your need for convenience, we highly recommend scheduling a meet-and-walk session with your potential dog walker before finalizing your booking. This introductory walk serves as an opportunity to assess the compatibility between your dog and the dog walker. This can also minimize any potential stress of your dog might experience.

At FurrySitter, we prioritize your pet’s safety and well-being. We offer a complimentary meet-and-greet session and short walk together for a stress-free and harmonious dog-walking experience. Take this opportunity today and build bond of trust between your dogs and our team. Book your meet-and-greet with us now and enjoy stress-free dog-walking services.

Arrange a meet-and-greet

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