About Us

We aim to bring happier life to our furry buddies with uplifted pet-care experience.

FurrySitter is a Vancouver-based pet-care service community that is built out of genuine love and care for furry pets. As pet owners ourselves, we realize that there are few services available for pet owners to get reliable help with pet care when they need it. We wanted to create a solution that was needed and wanted by families and friends in our communities. This is how our story began.

We understand the many challenges in finding a good pet sitter. At FurrySitter, we place high importance on providing pet-care service that is trustworthy, experienced and dependable. No matter your lifestyle or schedule, it is important to have a reliable and well-trusted support group to help you care for your loved ones when you need it. Our team has made it our mission to support a happier life for our furry friends by creating the easiest and most dependable pet care community.