I need a pet care for my

We ease pet parents’ concerns about pet service quality.

Study shows that putting dogs and cats in an unfamiliar place or having some rearrangements in their living environment are some of the major causes of their stress. It may result in various behavioural problems, from barking to aggression. It leaves pet parents in a dilemma when they need to leave their pet for a trip or work – Standardized service from pet hotels or kernels might not be appropriate for their pets. But they are unsure about the service quality of pet sitting at home.

Therefore, we aim to ease pet parents’ worries and concerns about pet service quality and open them to more pet-care options.

Quality services by professionals

Instead of the standardized service from pet hotels, pet-care professionals will come to you with their customized service plans for your pet.

Getting instant updates

Live updates of your pets while maintaining privacy by using technology for extra relief from trusted service by professionals.

Our story

We are committed to building a more trustworthy and pet-friendly solution for pet parents and their pets.

In 2020, Sandy founded FurrySitter because she was fed up with the accidents and issues related to unprofessional pet-care services.

Research found that over 80% of pet parents considered experience as the most important criterion when looking for pet-care professionals. But the true story is good pet sitters are always fully booked, and they hesitate to try new pet sitters with uncertain service quality.

Through speaking with pet parents, she explored the applications of technology to build trust with customers by raising the transparency of the pet care service by getting to know the “services” and accompanying their pets received.