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We believe that pet care is not only a service. It is an experience. Therefore, we go beyond looking for a pet sitter.

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Send us your request. You will receive free quotes from up to 5 pet-care professionals. There is no obligation to hire. You can compare and review before making a decision and save some time doing Internet searching.

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Each cat or dog is unique in its personality. Therefore, we will listen to the specific need of your pets to provide you with a quote. We try to understand everything about your pet, from the age and breed to special dietary and activity needs.

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We understand the many challenges in finding a good pet sitter. Therefore, we provide you with the flexibility of contacting the pet sitters directly, getting to know more about their services and making your own decision.

How we work?

Step 1

Tell us your needs

We would like to understand everything about your pet. Let us know your pet’s size, age, breed, temperament, loves and hates and special needs. Do not forget to tell us what kind of pet-care professional you need. Do you need a dog walker to provide additional exercise time? Or do you need someone to come to play with your cat while you are travelling? All this information will help us find a pet-care professional who matches your needs.

Step 2

Getting quotes from professionals

We will do the pet-care professional search and provide you with the list based on your needs. You can communicate with the pet-care professionals directly and receive a more accurate quote of your requests at no cost. You can also ask them questions or read their reviews to help you make your best choice.

Step 3

Choose your pet-care professional

Compare and review different offerings from the pet-care professionals. Some will provide an instant update after every visit, and some are good at elderly or young pet care. Take a look at all their profiles and reviews. We hope to help you by making a wise choice fit for you and your furry buddy.